Go Green - Join a Carpool

Go Green, Join a Carpool - carpoolers in a car photo

A great way to curb driving and lighten your carbon load is to share your trip with other people, eliminating extra car trips. You'll also save time and money. Use the 511 RideMatch service to find others with similar commutes and then arrange a carpool or vanpool. It’s fun, rewarding, and good for the planet .



Want to green your commute? Ridesharing is 2-6 people in a carpool or 7-15 people in a vanpool. It’s a green travel alternative because you help reduce the total number of cars on the road. You save time and money and the earth gets a breath of fresh air.

Plan Your Bicycling Trip - people on bikes photo

Plan Your Bicycling Trip

Visit the Bicycling page to find bicycle maps, bicycle safety tips, tips for taking bikes on transit, and much more. The 511 BikeMapper even helps you find paths and bike lanes throughout the Bay Area.

Spare the Air Everyday

Spare the Air Everyday

Learn how to travel smart to improve air quality and save gas. Find easy ways to Spare the Air Everyday or sign up to be notified in advance of Spare the Air Days. You can also download a Spare the Air app for your iPhone

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