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During short-term transit service disruptions, you might need to make an alternate travel plan. can help you stay informed and get you to your destination as efficiently as possible. Researching your options now means that you'll be prepared in a pinch.


Before heading out, check the Transit Page on for possible service disruption information. provides information about major train, cable car, or ferry service disruptions, and transit line, Transbay Tube, or station closures* as soon as we receive it from the appropriate agency. During a disruption, keep checking to stay informed about possible commute alternatives, temporary shuttles, and other traveler advice. You can also follow 511SFBay on Twitter to receive real-time updates.

Make a backup plan.

Don't wait until a service disruption to learn about the various transit options for your commute. Plan your alternate transit trip with the 511 Transit Trip Planner to ensure you have a backup if your primary service is disrupted. In the Trip Planner, choose “Additional Options” and then exclude your primary agency to find another provider. For example, if you typically take BART home across the Bay, you would exclude BART and could instead find out about alternative AC Transit Transbay service.

Use on-the-go.

If you get to your station and find your service disrupted, you can make an alternate trip plan from your mobile device at Use the mobile 511 Transit Trip Planner to find a different route or another transit agency. Don’t forget to exclude your primary agency under “Additional Options” to find other services.

Call 511.

If you get to your station and find your service disrupted, you can also make an alternate trip plan by calling 511. Call 511 and say “transit agencies.” The system will ask what transit agency you want. Say it, or say “I don't know.” If you say “I don't know,” the system will then ask “What city will you be traveling from?” Upon receiving a response, the system provides a list of available transit agencies in that city. Say the agency, and the system transfers to the transit agency menu. Say “operator” to be transferred to a live operator during call center hours; the operator will be able to assist you with making a trip plan.

Consider casual carpooling.

Casual carpooling is different from traditional carpooling in that you don't establish your carpool partners in advance. Just show up at a casual carpool pickup site and wait for a carpool destined for a location near where you want to go. Get familiar with the pick-up and drop-off locations so that you know where to go before a transit service disruption occurs. Visit the Casual Carpool page to access Bay Area casual carpooling information.

Form a carpool.

If the service disruption will be for an extended time, consider joining a carpool. During a transit disruption, many commuters are affected and are looking for carpool partners. Sign up in the 511 RideMatch Service now, and get a list of people you could share a ride with in the event of a disruption. Don't wait until the evening before you need a ride to sign up and call the people on your matchlist.

*Note: does not report minor transit disruptions, such as short bus delays. To stay up-to-date on your bus or train’s current status, please check 511 Departure Times.


Current and Future Driving Times

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Plan Your Transit Trip – It's Easy!

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