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Tolls are a way of life in the Bay Area. Tolls on the Bay Area’s eight toll bridges vary by bridge, time of day, vehicle occupancy and vehicle types. The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) manages tolling on seven of the Bay Area’s state owned toll bridges, while the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District manages operations on the Golden Gate Bridge. With FasTrak®, you can drive nonstop through Bay Area bridge toll plazas and Express Lanes and have your tolls automatically deducted from a prepaid account.

State-Owned Toll Bridges
On BATA-operated state-owned toll bridges, drivers can pay their tolls with either cash or FasTrak®. Learn more about state-owned bridge tolling rates.

Golden Gate Bridge Tolls
On the Golden Gate Bridge, cash payments will no longer be accepted beginning in late March 2013. Instead drivers crossing the Golden Gate Bridge can pay with FasTrak® or Pay-By-Plate choices. Visit to get information on how to pay your toll. Learn more about tolling rates on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bay Area Express Lanes
Bay Area solo drivers may also pay tolls to bypass traffic and drive in the three operational express lanes on I-580, I-680, and SR-237. Express lanes tolls are in effect at certain days and times, while carpools and vanpools ride free in the lanes at all times. Solo driver tolls vary with congestion levels to keep the lanes free-flowing. Plans call for the Bay Area to have 570 express lane miles by 2035.

Pay your Tolls with FasTrak®
The most convenient way to pay your bridge tolls is with FasTrak®, the Bay Area’s electronic toll collection (ETC) system. Using FasTrak® is also the only way that car- and vanpoolers can receive discounted bridge tolls, and solo driver must use FasTrak® to pay Express Lane tolls.

Discounted or Free Tolls
Do you want to receive discounted or free tolls? Do you want to drive free in the express lanes? Then start ridesharing by joining a carpool or vanpool. A carpool is 2-6 people riding together in one vehicle, while a vanpool is 7-15 people riding together in a vehicle. Ridesharing can be part of your regular routine or something you do occasionally.The 511 Rideshare Program can help you find a carpool or vanpool.


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Find out how long it will take to get to your destination – now, or in the future. Use 511 Driving Times to calculate your current driving time NOW, or estimate your driving time in advance to plan an upcoming trip.


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