Get Around - Commuting

No matter how you commute, 511 has tools to help get you to work or school.

By car.

Before your trip, check the 511 Traffic page to view a map of current congestion and incidents, calculate your trip’s current driving time, or check a list of popular driving times. You can also call 511 and ask for “Driving Times” or “Traffic Conditions.”

By train or bus.

The Bay Area is home to over two-dozen public transit operators that offer bus, rail, ferry, and shuttle services throughout the region. The interactive 511 Trip Planner provides step-by-step instructions for traveling on public transportation – including a door-to-door trip plan with schedules, fares, time estimates, and location maps based on your parameters.

For current transit departure times for Muni and BART (other transit agencies coming soon), call 511 and say “Departure Times.”

In a carpool.

Nearly 12,000 people in the Bay Area are searching for carpool or vanpool partners at any given time. Use the 511 RideMatch Service to find others to carpool with.

On a bike.

With thousands of miles of bike paths, lanes, and routes, the Bay Area is a great place to bike – to work, school, or wherever you need to go. Use the 511 BikeMapper to easily map your bike commute.

On accessible services.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that transit agencies make their services accessible to people with disabilities. Most public transit services in the Bay Area are wheelchair accessible. Passengers are required to make seats near the entrance of transit vehicles available to the elderly and disabled.

ADA paratransit service is a “safety net” for people who, due to their disability, are unable to ride regular buses and trains some or all of the time. ADA paratransit is a parallel service to fixed-route transportation services (buses and trains). The 511 Transit Accessibility & Seniors page provides more information on accessible and paratransit services.

You can also call 511 for a free transfer to your paratransit agency. For information about paratransit, either use touchtones (press ‘0’ to hear the choices) or say “paratransit” at the Main Menu. If you’d like to contact the agency directly, contact information can be found on the Agency Profile Selector page.

My trips. My way.

511 knows how important it is for you to get your trip information fast when you need it. With MY 511, 511’s free personalized service, you can get a personalized 511 home page for your favorite trips alone. Plus, when you call 511, you’ll be able to bypass the regular menu options to go straight to driving times for your trips (note: transit departure times coming soon). You can also register for text and e-mail alerts. Sign up today at

Get FasTrak.

If you drive in the Bay Area, sign up for FasTrak and eliminate the need to stop at toll plazas. FasTrak is an electronic toll collection system that allows you to prepay your bridge tolls so you don’t have to wait in line at toll plazas and allows solo drivers to use express lanes.

Use Clipper.

If you travel by public transportation, using a Clipper card is the easiest way to pay your fares. Clipper is the new, all-in-one transit pass that keeps track of passes, discount tickets, ridebooks and cash value that you load onto it, while recognizing and applying all appropriate fares, discounts and transfer rules. It is now accepted on Muni, BART, AC Transit, VTA, SamTrans, Caltrain and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry. Eventually, the Clipper card will be used on all transit systems in the Bay Area.


Current and Future Driving Times

Find out how long it will take to get to your destination – now, or in the future. Use 511 Driving Times to calculate your current driving time NOW, or estimate your driving time in advance to plan an upcoming trip.


Plan Your Transit Trip – It's Easy!

Use the interactive 511 Transit Trip Planner to generate step-by-step instructions for traveling on public transportation including an itinerary with schedules, fares, time estimates, and interactive maps.

Popular Destinations- cable car photo

Popular Destinations

Find interesting and fun places to visit around the Bay Area using public transportation. Get information and transit directions to popular destinations, such as:

  • museums
  • sports & events
  • sights & attractions
  • major airports, and more

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