Call 511 - Safety Tips

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511 reminds travelers to drive safely and take extra precautions when calling 511 for current traffic conditions. Here are some tips to help you stay as safe as possible on your journey.

For everyone:

  • Call 511 or check for current traffic conditions and driving times before you're on the road.
  • Never text while driving – it's against the law.
  • In wet, icy, or foggy conditions – slow down, drive with your lights on low beam, and allow more time for your journey.
  • Always wear your seat belt and never drink and drive.
  • If you're ever stuck on the freeway with a non-emergency situation (flat tire, stalled car, out of gas, etc.), dial 511 and say "Freeway Assist." You'll be transferred to an operator who can provide appropriate roadside assistance services. However, if it's an emergency, please dial 911.

If you're 18 and over:

  • If you call 511 during your trip, use a hands-free device – it's the law – or have your passenger make the call.
  • Program "511" into your phone so you don't have to dial each number when you call.
  • Sign up for MY 511 to save your favorite trips and minimize your time on the phone. When calling 511, you'll bypass menu options and go straight to traffic conditions and driving times for your trip.

If you're under 18:

If you're under 18 years of age, California law prohibits you from using a wireless telephone or a hands-free device while operating a motor vehicle. Call before 511 you leave or ask your passenger to call if you're en route.

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Call 511 for Current Traffic Conditions

Get real-time incident and congestion information for your route, including accidents, construction, and special events. Call 511 and say "Traffic Conditions."


511 Real-Time Departures

Stop waiting and wondering. Use 511 Departure Times to get free, up-to-the-minute departure predictions for SF Muni and BART. Call 511 and say “Departure Times” or get more information on Departure Times here.


MY 511

MY 511 is a free, personalized service on the phone and web that allows you to build your own home page or bypass phone menu options to get to your customized trip information even FASTER. Stay on top of your commute with personalized MY 511 text messages and e-mail alerts. To learn more and to sign up, go to

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