Call 511 - Recognition Problems?

511 uses a state-of-the-art voice-recognition system to guide you through the menu options. Sometimes the system might have a difficult time recognizing your request due to one of the following reasons: 1) You are saying something that the system is not programmed to recognize at that particular menu. For example, if you say, “Traffic Conditions” in the Public Transportation menu, the system will not recognize your request. You need to go back to the Main Menu and say, “Traffic Conditions” there. 2) While we have made every attempt to ensure that 511 is usable by as many people as possible, the system might be having difficulty understanding your voice. 3) There could be background noise or poor cellular phone reception that prevents the system from recognizing your request. 4) Using a headset or speakerphone may also prevent the system from understanding you in some environments.

Please speak as clearly as possible and try to minimize any background noise.

If this is still unsuccessful, 511 also offers a touch-tone system that you can use. Just press “0” at every menu, and the system will list the options with a corresponding number to press. Once you’ve learned the touch-tones, however, there is no need to press zero to hear the list of choices; just enter your selection.

If 511 gives you information for an incorrect menu option, say "stop" and you can make your selection again. You can always say "Main Menu" to start over at the beginning.

Call 511 for Current Traffic Conditions- cell phone image

Call 511 for Current Traffic Conditions

Get real-time incident and congestion information for your route, including accidents, construction, and special events. Call 511 and say "Traffic Conditions."


511 Real-Time Departures

Stop waiting and wondering. Use 511 Departure Times to get free, up-to-the-minute departure predictions for SF Muni and BART. Call 511 and say “Departure Times” or get more information on Departure Times here.


MY 511

MY 511 is a free, personalized service on the phone and web that allows you to build your own home page or bypass phone menu options to get to your customized trip information even FASTER. Stay on top of your commute with personalized MY 511 text messages and e-mail alerts. To learn more and to sign up, go to

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