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511.org provides many features to help you plan your trip and take the hassle out of your commute. Go to the 511.org home page to get started and discover all the easy-to-use tools and information that 511 has to offer.

511 Transit

Transit riders can access information on schedules, routes, fares, and hours of operation for more than 60 transit providers in the Bay Area. Plan your trip with the interactive Transit Trip Planner to get detailed maps and step-by-step instructions. You can also find Nearby Routes and Services or plan a trip to Popular Destinations. For real-time transit Departure Times, look up your stop ID to use when calling 511. Learn more and get answers to Departure Times frequently asked questions here.

511 Traffic

Use the interactive Traffic Map to calculate driving times for your trip, see incidents and construction details, check congestion levels, and view live traffic cameras. If you're planning a future trip, choose ‘Specific Day and Time’ within 511 Driving TimesSM to estimate your driving time in advance so you know when to leave. For more information on 511 Traffic features, check out 511 Traffic frequently asked questions.

511 Rideshare

If you'd like to share your ride, use the 511 RideMatch Service to find members for a carpool or vanpool and learn how to get started with ridesharing. You can also find the location of carpool lanes and park & ride lots throughout the region.

511 Bicycling

Bicyclists can get maps, safety tips, tips for taking bikes on transit, or use the 511 BikeMapper to find paths and bike lanes throughout the Bay Area.

MY 511

Build your own 511.org home page at MY511.org with driving times and incident information for your saved trips, and live traffic camera views. When calling 511, you'll bypass menu options to go straight to information for your trips. You can also sign up to receive e-mail and text message alerts. For more information on MY 511 features, check out MY 511 frequently asked questions.


Call 511- It's Free- cell phone image

Call 511 – It's Free!

Get your transportation information fast from anywhere in the nine-county Bay Area! Just dial
5-1-1 and say "Traffic," "Public Transportation," "Ridesharing," "Bicycling," or "more choices" to get started.


Current and Future Driving Times

Find out how long it will take to get to your destination – now, or in the future. Use 511 Driving Times to calculate your current driving time NOW, or estimate your driving time in advance to plan an upcoming trip.


Plan Your Transit Trip – It's Easy!

Use the interactive 511 Transit Trip Planner to generate step-by-step instructions for traveling from place to place on public transportation – including an itinerary with schedules, fares, time estimates, and interactive maps.

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